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They say that war never changes…

… But they never saw the sky burn.

Over 200 years ago, the Kingdoms of Castresanos, who lad long lived in a tenuous harmony, became embroiled in the most devestating war that the world of Arcur has yet known. Hundreds of dragons, led by the Dragon King Siraknos, descended from the mountains on the northeast borders of the continent of Castresanos in a wave. The dwarven empires in the mountains fell quickly before their onslaught, brutally decimated before the other kingdoms could react. Though the remaining kingdoms rallied, what happened afterwards was a horror that nobody had predicted. Instead of just Dragons, Siraknos now fielded countless swarms of twisted, reptillian monstrosities – Dragonspawn. Like a living wave of mindless destruction, the Dragonspawn cut a swath of carnage through the eastern kingdoms, and one by one, they fell. The armies of the kingdoms stood together against the swarms, but between the monsters on the ground and the Dragons themselves commanding the sky, no victories could be achieved. They fell back beyond the mountain range splitting the continent in two, abandoning the East to Siraknos’ forces. The Dragon King consildated his victory, and began setting his forces to reducing the land to a burning wasteland.

Years passed, and in that time the remaining four kingdoms of Castresanos stood firm, working together to hold the line and building the massive stronghold of Wastewatch Keep to hold back the Dragonspawn hordes. However, the kingdoms know that this stalemate will not last forever. Dragons are patient, and ageless – it is only a matter of time before they mount a focused offensive on the keep and destroy it. Without the chokepoint to hold the swarm back, the Dragon King’s forces would wash over the remaining kingdoms with little difficulty. As such, a new strategy must be formed.

While the armies of Dragonspawn seem limitless, the number of actual Dragons are estimated to be less than three hundred – and while Dragons are powerful, they can be killed. It is hoped that without their Dragon overlords to command them, the forces of the Dragon King will be little more than beasts. Further, while the Dragons were difficult to bring down in pitched battle, they could be bested if caught away from their armies. As such, the strategy was clear – hunt down the Dragons directly, and kill them. Thus, the Dragon Hunter Corps was formed.

Hundreds of recruits and volunteers brought in from everywhere in the world gathered to sign up for the war, as all could see the threat of the Dragon King. Together, they will form teams of hunters and venture eastwards into the land of flame and dust, the Great Waste, to track, find, and kill the Dragons before they can launch an attack strong enough to break Wastewatch Keep and destroy the Western Kingdoms… and from there, the rest of Arcur.

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