Lethray is the largest country in Sendaiya, and the oldest country in Arcur. Very little is publicly known about the country’s history before contact between the Ecclesirchy and the then divided kingdoms of Castresanos began in 1577 BU, but it is known that they had ruled the continent for hundreds of years prior. The country is ruled by the ancient Ecclesiarchy, devoted to the Mundael the Crusader. The people of Lethray follow a strict class-based social structure that has endured through the centuries, but that many in other countries find somewhat archaic. It is often speculated that were it not for the benevolence of The Speaker, the seemingly immortal head of the Ecclesiarchy, that the systems of governance that keep Lethray going would slip towards tyranny.

There are five Castes in Lethray, each with its own duties and privliges within the nation’s highly religious culture. The Divine Caste is often seen as the most noble of the castes, and these individuals are frequently found in the higher orders of the Church. These are the Prelates and Archons of the church, holding influence over large tracts of Lethray. Connected to them is the Pilgrim Caste, holy men of a lesser degree who often serve as lower-ranking priests for small towns and the like. The Sword caste are the elite warriors, often blessed with some connection to the divine, who are trained to lead the armies of Lethray to victory over their enemies. These men and women are trained from a very young age, educated in the fields of honor and justice and honed to become the ultimate paladins. The Shield caste, in comparison, are lower class than the Swords and recieve less training, and form the backbone of the Lethray military.

The hierarchy in Lethray is absolute, with everyone eventually under the command of The Speaker. However, The Speaker rarely leaves his sanctum in the nation’s capital, and leaves most of the tasks of national governance to the Prelate’s Council, a group of the 22 most respected and devout members of the Ecclesiarchy, comprised entirely of members of the Divine caste. The council directs the churches through the country, and answer only to The Speaker and the god of Justice. The other individual who operates under the direct command of The Speaker is The Avenging Sword, a title given to the greatest of the Holy Paladin Legion (always of the Sword caste). He or she is the supreme commandant of Lethray’s armed forces, both the Paladin Legion and the general army.

The capital of Lethray is the gleaming city of Vashnian, a massive city of silver and alabaster spires in the heart of the Ironwaste desert. It is the largest and oldest city in all of Arcur, and considered by many to be its most beautiful. It stands under the watchful gaze of the Golden Sentinels, a branch of the Holy Paladin Legion devoted to the protection of the city at all costs, and members of this elite military branch can be found on every street, in every tower, and on every corner – a constant reminder of the omniscience of the Ecclesiarchy within their great stronghold.

Favored Class: Favored classes are determined by the individual’s caste.

Divine – Cleric
Sword – Paladin
Pilgrim – Cleric
Shield – Fighter

Religion: The Ecclesiarchy enforces devotion to Mundael the Crusader, and tolerates some amount of reverence to Ranallios the Lightbringer. Officially, all other forms of worship are considered blasphemy, and often bring the attention of the Divine Caste’s Inquisitors. Cults to Sycrythax or Ardothon are constantly hunted and destroyed by a special task force of the Holy Paladin Legion known as the Alabaster Order.


Human – Humans are the second most often found race in Lethray, though are rarely found in the higher castes.
Elf – High Elves are found throughout Lethray, holding the overwhelming majority as it is their ancestral homeland. Other elves are quite rarely found in the Ecclesiarchy.
Dwarf – Stone Dwarves are not often found in Lethray, as the High Elves view them as unruly and undignified so as to make them feel unwelcome. However, there are a good many Iron Dwarves who have made homes there, and their peerless craftsmanship serves the Sword and Shield castes well.
Kor – Kor are simply not found in Lethray, as the rigid system of law and order repels their independent nature.
Halfling – While an uncommon sight in Lethray, Halflings can be found living simple lives of peace in the nation’s farmland.
Gnome – Gnomes are an extreme rarity in Lethray, as their inquisitive and open-minded nature fits poorly within the confines of the Ecclesiarchy. Those who do live there serve as merchants and try their hardest to avoid attention.